Terry Smith, Truckin’ Hot News, 6/27/2017 – Six professional and safety conscious Utah Trucking Association member drivers were selected by the Image and Safety Committee as Drivers of the Month for September, October and November. For September we have Terrance D, Eaton, James H. Clark & Son who has been driving 42 years for a total of 4.5 million accident free miles.

Terrance is joined by Reva Keams also from James H. Clark & Son. Reva has been driving 3 ½ years and has 241,000 accident free miles. October’s Drivers of the month are Kim C. Brunsom, FedEx Freight with 41 years driving and 2.1 million accident free miles. Justin D. Espinoza, Parke Cox Trucking has been driver 10 years and has 1.2 million accident free miles. Scott B Fritsch, FedEx Freight as 29 years driver with 1.1 million accident free miles along with Grant A. Moser, James H. Clark & Son with 12 ½ years driving and 1.2 million accident free miles are our November Drivers of the Month. UTA congratulates all six of these drivers and appreciate their companies for nominating them.