Dear Association Members and Friends,

By the time this magazine edition is published we will be well into winter.  However, as I am writing this it is just days before Thanksgiving.  I so enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and what it stands for.  This year, like no other I can remember, has been interesting, especially in the political realm.  Just weeks ago, we concluded a very divisive presidential campaign and election process and even weeks later many are upset and concerned for the future of our country.  While of course our association gets concerned about politics and has a vested interest in ensuring that good people are elected, we also have much to be thankful for.  The political climate in Utah is very business friendly and we have quality people serving in our executive, legislative and regulatory bodies.  We have enjoyed many years of sound local leadership and gratefully we are a trusted voice for trucking and business among these groups.

Recently I was visiting with a relatively new member of our association.  This member was interested in renting the association headquarters building for a company event.  While walking through the building, we discussed the value of the association.  This member expressed amazement for the friendly and professional environment within in our organization that he has witnessed.  He marveled at how competitors, sometimes fierce, come together regularly to address needs and concerns.  My colleagues across the nation have often expressed similar sentiment and regularly give me a hard time about how easy my job is.  They are correct, our membership is special and for this I am greatly appreciative.

As you will recall from previous publications, this next year we are embarking on an image campaign with the intent of highlighting what a great industry we have and that will ultimately entice folks to consider us as an attractive employment option.  These types of initiatives take a lot of work and support, which we know that we can count on from each of you.  I have no worries that it will be successful.  This confidence comes from experience that has demonstrated that if you want an organization or group to be friendly, outgoing, welcoming, etc., and the leadership of that group processes and exercises all of those traits, the group will follow suit.  Knowing our association leaders as well as I do and knowing the high caliber of leadership throughout all of our member companies provides me with assurance that we collectively are already an attractive industry.  Maybe it is as easy as giving potential participants access to an already great thing.

As I look out of my office door I see the photos of our current president and 41 of our past presidents, which represent association leadership all the way back to 1932.  I am grateful for their leadership, direction and example.  While the challenges may have varied throughout their decades of leadership, the hurdles from yesteryear and those we will face in the future will be overcome in the same manner through a strong and united association and a collaborative voice.

I look forward to a new year and the many opportunities we will have collectively to highlight this great industry.  I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at this year’s Management Conference and Truck Expo in May of 2106.  We have determined that the theme will be the same for the convention as for the image campaign, which is Trucking Drives Utah’s Business.  We appreciate your support moving forward as we highlight this wonderful industry during the upcoming year(s).