May 26, 2015


Utah Trucking Association Partners with Truckers Against Trafficking


The Utah Trucking Association announces its partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) in the fight against human trafficking. Thirty-three state trucking associations currently work with TAT to combat this crime.


“State trucking associations are integral to the work of fighting human trafficking,” said Kendis Paris, TAT Executive Director. “They are the ones who serve and represent the trucking industry in their state; they know the members of the trucking industry; and they have great influence with those members. Our ability to reach and interact with the millions of members of this industry is due, in large part, to their assistance.”


As a TAT partner, the Utah Trucking Association pledges to:

  • E-mail all member companies asking them to train their employees with TAT materials and then register their trained employees on the TAT website to measure effectiveness of implementation and which companies still need to be reached.
  • Continually work with member companies to keep this issue at the forefront.
  • Share TAT’s Iowa DOT model with the Utah Highway Patrol and Department of Transportation. This model, developed by the Motor Vehicle Enforcement division of the Iowa Department of Transportation, includes, training law enforcement working with trucking using TAT materials; having law enforcement place TAT training/educational materials in every weigh station, truck stop and rest area in the state; and handing TAT materials out to every truck driver with whom they come in contact.
  • Work with TAT to assist law enforcement in their investigations within their state.


TAT will also be speaking at various association meetings and annual conferences throughout 2015 and 2016.


Rick Clasby, Utah Trucking Association Executive Director, commented, “In support of the work the Utah

Legislature and Attorney General’s office is doing to toughen sex trafficking laws in our state, the Utah Trucking Association wants to join this fight to end this heinous crime. Helping to ensure that all members of the trucking industry — both within our state and who travel through our state — are equipped and trained with TAT materials to understand human trafficking and the actions they can take if they see it, is the most effective way for us to do that.”